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Reading Council Tries to Stop Biggest Budget Cut in Its History

graphic of budget cuts

Reading Borough Council went to Westminster this week in a bid to stop the biggest budget cut in its history.

Tony Page, the Deputy leader of the council Councillor  joined leaders of the 6 unitary authorities in Berkshire to express their anger at the way the new cuts was given to them just before the holidays.

Cllr Page told the council would have to increase its budgetary cuts to almost £20 million because of the extra £5 million cut in the grant from Government. He further added: “It is the biggest cut in a single year in Reading’s history.”

The Reading Borough Council delegation went to the House of Commons on Wednesday, January 6, and had a 45-minute “audience with the most junior minister, Marcus Jones, of the Department for Communities and Local Government”.

The original approach to the minister was made by Cllr Paul Bettison, Tory leader of Bracknell Forest Borough Council which had also suffered an additional cut of around £2 million.

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